A paediatric nephrologist specialises in the health needs of infants, children and adolescents with kidney diseases and disorders. The kidneys are organs in our body that are very important in controlling our blood pressure, growth, bone development, vitamin D metabolism and how we remove some waste products from our body. 

Urine is produced in the kidneys, and passes through our urinary tract system and into our bladder. Problems can occur in this system and when it’s not working properly, hasn’t developed, or has been impacted by other illnesses and that’s when a kidney specialist (Paediatric Nephrologist) can help. We treat and diagnose kidney disease that is inherited (genetic) and kidney disease in small premature babies. Sometimes we will talk to mums who are pregnant and there is a problem seen on the antenatal ultrasound with the babies kidneys, and we help children who have urinary incontinence and problematic bedwetting issues. 

Some symptoms include 

If you are concerned about your child, reach out to your GP for a referral to see us.

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