Paediatric problems

At Townsville Paediatrics, we treat a range of common medical conditions in children. In our private practice we generally consult patients for non-urgent conditions for which your GP needs an opinion. Our main specialty is assessing children for neuro-developmental delays and difficulties, such as assessing and treating children for ADHD, Autism, developmental delays, schooling problems and mental health disorders.

We also see children for a range of other common general paediatric problems including:

Respiratory illnesses:

Asthma, wheezes, chronic cough. We have a respiratory paediatrician at our practice who can also provide more detailed support when needed.

Gastroenterological problems:

Constipation, diarrhoea, soiling and toilet training difficulties, tummy pain, food intolerances, reflux

Sleep issues:

Sleep problems can be medical
(eg obstructive sleep apnoea, night waking due to ear infections) or behavioural in origin.

Kidney and bladder problems:

Bedwetting, daytime wetting,
recurrent urinary tract infections.

Skin conditions:

Eczema and other rashes.

Endocrine problems:

Short stature, slow weight gain, early or late puberty. (Please note, we do not manage patients with insulin dependent diabetes, this is managed at the paediatric diabetes clinic at Townsville hospital)


Common uncomplicated allergies. We do not have access to skin prick testing and generally refer patients to a paediatric immunologist if further assessments are required.

Neurological problems:

Epilepsy, movement difficulties, migraines and other headaches.

Nutritional issues:

Slow weight gain,
food intolerances, fussy eating.

The above list is not exhaustive, we also see patients for a wide variety of other problems. We work closely with other paediatric sub-specialists, other specialists and allied health workers to ensure that children receive the best care possible.

For acute medical problems or acute infections, these are treated at the Townsville hospital. Feel free to contact our friendly admin staff if you would like to enquire about our services.