Just Eat Real Food

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With so many conflicting opinions about diets in the popular media it can be very difficult to decide what to eat, and what “healthy” really means. Should I eat paleo or vegetarian? Low fat or low carb? Atkins or Zone? There is probably no one size-fits-all approach that will suit everyone. Planning your diet will depend on your own personal preferences, lifestyle factors and what your goals are. 

My personal view is that one cannot go wrong by eating real food. By real food, I mean unprocessed food where you can still clearly see where the food originated from. Real food does not come with a bar code or a long list of ingredients that contains numbers or unfamiliar names. It is food that you can buy from your local greengrocer, butcher or farmer. It is mostly the type of food our grandparents used to eat. 

You might be ready to change, but what happens if the younger members of the family do not share your enthusiasm? Children might be more likely to try new foods if they were involved in the planning process. Start a veggie patch with the children. They will love choosing seedlings at the nursery and will be delighted to eat home grown cherry tomatoes or peas straight from the garden. Or alternatively, let them choose recipes from colourful recipe books, visit one of our local farmers markets to gather the necessary ingredients and involve them in the preparation process. 

For most us, a real food approach will keep us healthy and prevent unwanted weight gain. So next time you shop, skip the supermarket isles with the sugary cereals, refined carbohydrates, packaged and baked goods and stock up on fresh veggies, eggs, dairy and meat. Bon appetite.


Dr Adele Heyer

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