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What do paediatricians help with?

Paediatricians play a vital role in the community but there are many people who don’t know who they are, or what their duties entail. Paediatricians are doctors who have completed specialists training in medical conditions that affect the wellbeing of children. In Australia a general paediatrician would have completed at least another six years of […]

Sleep difficulties in children

When I had to do night shifts during my medical training, I came to understand how sleep deprivation could sometimes be used as a form of torture. After being awake for sometimes 30 plus hours, life just did not seem right. My body felt as if it lost the ability to regulate itself, especially emotionally. […]

Sugar – That Sweet Poison

It is well known that too much sugary food and drinks has a negative effect on health, contributing to weight gain and increasing the risk of type 2 diabetes. Thus one of the best things we can do for our health is to reduce sugar and refined carbohydrates from our diets. The World Health Organisation […]

Just Eat Real Food

With so many conflicting opinions about diets in the popular media it can be very difficult to decide what to eat, and what “healthy” really means. Should I eat paleo or vegetarian? Low fat or low carb? Atkins or Zone? There is probably no one size-fits-all approach that will suit everyone. Planning your diet will […]

The Power of Play

The American Academy of Paediatrics recently published a statement on the importance of play – and we could not agree more. Safe and nurturing relationships and developmentally appropriate play activities are probably the most important factors for the development of essential life skills. Today’s society is often very focused on structured activities to promote academic […]