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Childproofing Tips for Grandparents

As a grandparent, your grandchild’s well-being and safety are extremely important to you. Particularly when she is under your care—at your home, in her own home, in the car, or elsewhere—make sure that you’ve taken every step possible to ensure that she is safe and secure. Before you have your grandchild visit or stay at […]

How to build an essential first aid kit for townsville

Every year in Townsville our ER: cuts, ticks, infected bug bites, sunburns, eye injuries, broken bones, and all other kinds of fun gone wrong. Being prepared means you need a first aid kit and know how to use it. Although pre-made store-bought first aid kits are a good start, these kits typically lack many items […]

Childproofing your home

Before or as soon as children begin crawling or walking, parents and caregivers need to take extra steps to make sure harmful items are out of reach, out of sight, and locked up if possible. Check each room in your home to ensure the items below are stored out of reach of children and/or stored […]